Here you will find a list of credits and video examples of Tom's works. Enjoy! Note: these are highly compressed versions. Click on the pics to watch the videos. Note2: page is under construction, many more credits and videos are coming soon!

  • -2007 - BBC - Galapagos - a short montage representing the colorful and wild life of Galapagos.
  • -2007 - Not every seed falls on fertile ground. Some drown in seas, some fry in deserts. This one fell through a crack in reality, and landed in a digital wasteland - a dumping ground of discarded 3D splines and polygons. Still, it tried - and what grew was a amalgam of analog life and digital waste. Life, but not as we know it - and certainly not as long. - Written, Directed and Animated by Zennor Alexander
  • -2007 - Whiter Shores is a new London based Creative Agency specialising in Bespoke Flash Web Site Design, Custom-made Flash Animation, Web-intros and 3D Web-design solutions. - Main Intro and site loop music
  • -2008 - Spokelser - Documentary series for Tv Norge. Is it possible that the energy from deceased human beings is capable to bring you ache or coldness, move articles, make sounds or crystallize as shapes? The team from 'Spøkelser' ('Ghosts') visit afflict places in Norway and district. With the help of clear-sighted mediums we try to uncover spiritual activity and explain the inexplainable. Directed By Dan Seterdal
  • -2008 - Sanctuary - Indie short. Sanctuary follows a newly-converted Catholic nun named Mary-Kay as she struggles between her new found faith and a world that's falling apart, surrounded by an unknown evil. Held up in a church for safety with other survivors, conflict with trust arises amongst all of them as an impending monster grows near, assimilating the human race, and ultimately making Mary choose what she'll believe in for the rest of her life. - Written, Produced and Directed by Shawn Christopher Lebert
  • -2008 - Music for Interactive demos and Presentations for
  • -This is a movie about the circularity of life - an impressionistic rendering of a life-cycle. A bit like a dream where meanings morph and merge, and forms evolve from one another. A flickering blob of 'paint' turns into a 'seed'. Leaves turn into moths. Moths turn into birds. The landscape tosses and turns depending on the mood. You might think of it as an abstract painting coming to life.

  • Showreel 2008

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